"Phil is an excellent personal trainer. Not only does he get client focussed results, he really understands how the body moves and works. Phil takes time to assess how a client moves, and addresses any mobility or stability issues they may have. He will then build this into their program. It is refreshing to send my patients to someone who I know will safely train them and even prevent future injuries."
Belinda Marshall, Physiotherapist

"I cannot recommend Phil highly enough. If you are serious about making big improvements, Phil will make sure you get there safely, progressively and relentlessly. He diagnosed my weaknesses with clinical precision and designed a programme to address them whilst also building on my strengths and helping with nutrition. He combines a remarkable depth of scientific knowledge with the real world, practical experience he gained as a Royal Marine Commando and triathlete. After 4 marathons and 2 triathlons I thought I was good - but being 40 I also thought that there were things like flexibility, speed, recovery rates and explosive fitness that I could not improve. Wrong on both counts. Phil has made me realise how much more I can achieve and how age is just an excuse. Thanks Phil!”

Joseph Ayala, Corporate Development Director

"I ran into Phil in the park giving a kettlebell workout to a client which looked fun (which it is!) and interesting (quite true, too!).  He listened when I said I have no desire to be 'big', and we concentrated on core strength and flexibility, especially for my recently operated on shoulder.  Best of all, on all counts, has been our workouts with Indian Clubs. They have been terrific for my shoulders, wrists and forearms. Lastly, for those of you considering short term stay workout (e.g.-hotel guests), Phil has given me useful exercises to keep me in shape and motivated, wherever in the world I happen to be. Thanks!

Kevin Castner, Retired

“Phil uses a unique approach to training and strengthening core muscles. The intensity of how Phil works areas of the body in this special way allows real focus and results from his training. I am particularly impressed by Phil’s deep physiological understanding of how the body works, he has a wealth of knowledge and experience.”

Harriet Green, Global Head of Watson IoT Commerce and Education, IBM


Phil has been training me for the past 5 years and I cannot recommend him highly enough! I’m no gym bunny but he has helped me through 4 half marathons and 2 sprint triathlons with more triathlons to come. He is a most thoughtful, kind personal trainer who appreciates your needs and limitations but also manages to push you – in the nicest possible way. He takes a lot of care over the development of your training programme and a keen interest with how it is going. Phil has very high standards and is most professional. Training sessions with Phil are always different and they are a highlight to my week!

Kitty Lloyd, Lawyer

"I think Phil is unique as a PT because of his expertise with mobility‎ and biomechanics. Training with Phil was the first time I've consistently improved my fitness without injury (had back problems earlier in life) and he's a perfect complement to my physio. Before training with Phil I planned my own workouts and was fit, but now I'm much stronger and more mobile."

Michael Brinton, Fixed Income Structuring

"Training with Phil McDougall has been a unique learning experience. Phil is a consummate professional; and his breadth and depth of knowledge and experience has helped me reach levels of fitness, strength and mobility far greater than I could have hoped to achieve on my own. And it's great fun!"

Hari Voyantzis, Army Reservist & Accountant

"Phil turns your traditional Personal Training on it's head, makes it fun and with great results. The best thing is that no session is ever the same, however every session is tailored to my personal goals, strengths, weaknesses and injuries to ensure I get the most out of every one. Phil challenges me to push myself, taking down times and reps so I have something to beat next time. He's accommodating with flexible diaries which helps when working in a busy job, and I leave every session feeling like I've given my whole body a workout. Couldn't recommend him enough!"

Alex Saunders, Marketing Director

"Phil does not count reps while you do the same old exercises. He designs every session in a way that is intriguing, challenging, and fun. That is why I still look forward to my workout sessions with Phil despite having done more than 300 over the years. I know Phil's workouts are safe, they will make me stronger, and that he is genuinely interested in my progress. He enjoys his job and that is what makes him so consistently reliable."

Kyoo Hwa Kim, Interest rate trader and mum

"Phil pays a lot of attention to detail with the basics, and will make sure your form is perfect before progressing onto more difficult exercises. Good form with the basic exercises helped me progress to heavier weights much easier."

Dmitri Akatov, Software Engineer

"Having trained with Phil for 3 years, he STILL manages to come up with varied and tough sessions.  He has taken me from office slouch to someone with serious core strength!  Each session gives a real boost to my day.  And Henry (his French bulldog), always brings a smile to my face!

He is also adaptable. Two years' ago I prolapsed a disc in my spine. Phil tailored remedial sessions and massively speeded up my recovery.  At all times I felt safe under his guidance.

If you want to unleash what your body is truly capable of, train with Phil!"

Laura Ayala, Accountant

"I enjoy my training, best time of the week, Phil's training gave me more confidence, mental and physical strength, makes me feel looking good and always finish the session with a positive attitude."

Nathalie, Luxury beauty

"When I first started training with Phil all I wanted to do is complete a Tough Mudder. I had tried varied trainers before and wasn't incredibly unfit but looking back and seeing the results of the last years of training is incredible. I am stronger, faster and more healthy than before. Even my nutrition has improved."

Mark Gnotke, Real Estate & Pet Food Sales

Phil is my friend. He taught me the game of Spoof and I have stories about the joy of NOT winning that game. We climbed the mountains of Wales together, we have trained together and we have laughed together.


Phil’s Bent Press Manual bridges the gap for many of us interested in the Bent Press. I was first exposed to this lift in the September 1978 Iron Man magazine. David P. Willoughby explained the history, the records and classic pictures of Antone Matysek, Thomas Inch, Arthur Saxon, and Harold Ansorge.


And, of course, we all tried the Bent Press. “Disaster” doesn’t truly capture the efforts attempted. McDougall’s work does so much more than show the lifts. Here is my favorite thing about his Manual: there are dozens of movements and hints that will well serve you without ever having to attempt the full Bent Press.


The Bent Press is one of those amazing full body lifts that challenges the hinge, push, pull and all the anti-rotation that the body can absorb. Phil walks us through each and every step in clear pictures and details. You can train the Bent Press on the ground, with a broomstick or a friend’s fist. Phil provides the directions.


Phil’s insights will take you onto the path of the Bent Press. His workout suggestions at the end are logical and I especially like his “One Workout a Month” suggestion.


Phil’s manual is not just about the Bent Press. The techniques and methods go far beyond this classic lift and there is something here for every one and every body.


I highly recommend this book.

Dan John, Strength Industry Legend



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