"Industry professionals such as trainers, coaches and instructors are on the front line of health and fitness. They have the most contact with everyday people out of all healthcare professionals, therefore have the most potential for positive influence. It is always an honor to stand in front of such motivated, proactive and positive people." - Phil

Forthcoming Workshops

Club & Mace Essentials

February 22nd 2020, 1000-1800

Team Moljo, Shrub Oak, NY

Available Workshops

Assessments and Programming For Everyday Athletes (4 hours)

Walk through the full three layer assessment system, suitable for application to all able-bodied people. Layer one: movement. Layer two: basic strength and cardiovascular capacity. Layer three: power, endurance and raw strength. The system safely identifies weak links within ones complete athletic picture. Learn how to interpret the results and develop highly bespoke and effective programs for training everyday people.

Iron Foundation: Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification​ (16 hours)

The main difference between elite military and regular military is mastery of the basics. The same can be said for exceptional kettlebell instructors versus average ones. Learn the basics of hardstyle kettlebell lifting to an exceptional standard. I instructed at ten hardstyle certifications for StrongFirst and Strength Matters before becoming the Chief Instructor for Strength Matters. The principles of hardstyle kettlebell lifting can be applied to all forms of strength training with great effect.

Students will learn the swing, windmill, get-up, clean, military press, goblet squat and snatch to an exceptionally high standard and possess useable skills for life.

Mobility Training 101 (4 hours)

Four hours of being led through the greatest bang for buck mobility sequences that help everyday people increase their range of movement. Students will understand all the hows and the whys allowing them to make their own sequences. Students will learn why some people never increase mobility no matter how much stretching they do. Students will be introduced to the concept of the mobility-stability continuum and how to train stability, leading to an increase in mobility.

A great workshop for both coaches and those who just want to move better.

Killer Kettlebell Complexes​ (4-5 hours)

Firsty, students will learn the ingredients. This includes a depthy breakdown of the major kettlebell lifts and a plethora of cool new kettlebell exercises. The most effective and fun lifts have been incorporated from all four styles of kettlebell lifting (hardstyle, GS, circus and freestyle). Then students learn how to make their own recipe book, by manipulating the variables and targeting any given goal.


This is a physically demanding workshop because students will feel their way through samples of the most effective killer kettlebell complexes. An existing basic level of kettlebell skill is necessary.

Indian Clubs Essentials ​(3-4 hours)

Indian clubs are one of the oldest known tools that humans have used for physical training. When Xerses was trying to rule the world with his ancient Persian army, one of the most feared of his warriors were the Persian strongmen. They were known for crushing the skulls of their enemy with their bare hands! They trained with clubs.

Forge a grip to be reckoned with. Say goodbye to shoulder pain and build shoulder strength from the inside out. Lubricate and mobilize your thoracic spine. Light up different parts of your brain and develop coordination. Learn the checkpoints and positions for many club swings, circles and complexes. Learn from a former Royal Marines Commando - the only estabilshment left in the world that still uses them.

Macebell Magic ​(3-4 hours)

Originally used for helping Persian warriors improve their sword weilding ability. Now, a must-have for anyone serious about building real world strength. Mace training is especially good for developing a strong and resilient torso, crushing grip strength and stable, mobile shoulders.

This workshop takes any beginner through the most effective and fun entry-level exercises. Then we'll work through the progressions and fully break down the technique of the more traditional mace movements: the 360 and 10-to-2.

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