"Industry professionals such as trainers, coaches and instructors are on the front line of health and fitness. They have the most contact with everyday people out of all healthcare professionals, therefore have the most potential for positive influence. It is always an honor to stand in front of such motivated, proactive and positive people." - Phil

Available Workshops

Iron Foundation: Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification​ (8 hours)

The main difference between elite military and regular military is mastery of the basics. The same can be said for exceptional kettlebell instructors versus average ones. Learn the basics of hardstyle kettlebell lifting to an exceptional standard. I instructed at ten hardstyle certifications for StrongFirst and Strength Matters before becoming the Chief Instructor for Strength Matters. The principles of hardstyle kettlebell lifting can be applied to all forms of strength training with great effect.

Students will learn the swing, windmill, get-up, clean, military press, goblet squat and snatch to an exceptionally high standard and possess useable skills for life. Students will receive a detailed PDF manual, a certificate and eight hours of instruction.

Club and Mace Essentials ​(7 hours)

Clubs are one of the oldest known tools that humans have used for physical training. When Xerses was trying to rule the world with his ancient Persian army, one of the most feared of his warriors were the Persian strongmen. They were known for crushing the skulls of their enemy with their bare hands! They trained with clubs.


Forge a grip to be reckoned with. Say goodbye to shoulder pain and build shoulder strength from the inside out. Lubricate and mobilize your thoracic spine. Light up different parts of your brain and develop coordination. Learn the checkpoints and positions for many club swings, circles and complexes. Learn from a former Royal Marines Commando - the only establishment left in the world that still uses them.

PRE-LUNCH: Indian clubs. Learn the foundational patterns, the eight core exercises and simple transitions to make seemless flows.

POST-LUNCH: Mace. Learn the entry level mace exercises. Learn the progressions and technical points of the traditional mace exercises. Expect a workout!

Students receive 7 hours of instruction, a certificate, PDF manual and 0.7 NASM CEUs.

Kettlebell Strength and Conditioning Masterclass (7 hours)

Students should possess a basic level of kettlebell skill and score Explorer or Pro on the Zenith Twist Assessment in order to attend this course.

PRE-LUNCH: Kettlebell Strength. Windmill variations. Bent press masterclass. The highest value techniques for developing strength with kettlebells. Intra-abdominal pressure. Tension generation. Pelvic floor activation. Power breathing. Applying strength principles to the squat, press and hinge patterns.

POST-LUNCH:  Snatch technique masterclass. High-volume breathing and recovery breathing. Killer kettlebell complexes: the most effective kettlebell complexes to target any given goal. Introducing to odd lifts and advanced lifts: Double kettlebell get up, reverse snatches and swings, cross cleans, king kongs, iron cross.

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