Everything you do in a training environment should be answerable to one question:

Will this make my life better at eighty?

Increase longevity

Increase injury resilience

Improve the way you move

Improve cardiovascular health

Address occupational and lifestyle habits

Train smart and be stronger

Think outside the gym

Peripheral common goals such as weight loss, functional mass, sports performance and big butts are very straight forward with a body that moves well.

Personal training is available  in either the city of San Francisco or the village of Larkspur. Please contact me and let's figure out a way of making it convenient for you.

"As a licensed massage therapist and trainer in London I treated and trained elite athletes, CEOs, models, actors, dancers, pro fighters and everyday professionals of many industries. I specialized in helping people get out of pain and increase their vitality through functional movement. I was known for my expertise in unconventional training methods such as kettlebells, Indian clubs, macebells, Bulgarian bags and a plethora of movement practices.


In 2016 I immigrated to San Diego and became the Director of Athletic Performance and Chief Instructor for a global fitness education company, Strength Matters. This involved developing a complete education syllabus for personal trainers and teaching the material in NYC, Australia and England. I trained trainers, led certifications and spoke at summits all over the world and became known for my expertise in cardiovascular training.

In September 2018 I left Strength Matters to transition back to the front line of health and fitness. I now offer remote coaching services to clients absolutely anywhere. I teach educational workshops to personal trainers throughout USA and UK and I enjoy providing freelance services at private, corporate and luxury events. However, taking on personal training projects is my passion and I offer a first-class, highly bespoke service. This includes a complete movement assessment and gait appraisal, medical history, lifestyle analysis and postural therapy. I'll hone in on your weak links and build you up from the inside out. I'll educate and inspire you to surpass your original goals and I'll help you live a pain-free, athletic life. Naturally, personal training also comes with lifestyle and nutrition coaching.

Help me help you. Call me today and let's arrange a free consultation."  - Phil



Email: contactATphilipmcdougallDOTcom (ROBOT PROOF)
INSTAGRAM: @phil.mcdougall