Indian Club training is superior above most other forms of exercise for:

  • developing shoulder strength from the inside out

  • post-acute rehabilitation of shoulder injuries

  • increasing shoulder range of motion

  • increasing thoracic spine mobility

  • strengthening hands and wrists

  • increasing trunk stability

...It's also pretty good for:


  • upper body hypertrophey

  • relaxation and breathing

  • bruising shins :))

In 2008, whilst still serving within the Royal Marines Commando​s, after shoulder surgery the civilian doctors declared me permanently disabled and informed me I'd never be able to work with anything heavy overhead again.


Royal Marines are the only miltary establishment left in the western world that still use Indian Clubs. Thanks to Indian Club and kettlebell training I proved the good doctors wrong and enjoy stronger and more mobile shoulders than ever before.

Let me show you the way of the Jedi!

If you manage or own a venue and would like to host a workshop,

please contact me using the form below. I love to teach!

Workshop Information:

0900-1230: Indian Club essentials and basic movements

1230-1330: Lunch

1330-1700: Complex movements and patterns

Forthcoming workshop In Chelmsford, UK, is sold out.

Ideal starter weight for women: 1lb-2lbs

Ideal starter weight for men: 2lb-3lbs

Wooden clubs provide a superior swing and feel to other materials.



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INSTAGRAM: @phil.mcdougall