Private Luxury Events

I love to travel and provide first class service. How can I help you?

Destination wedding?

Guests could book in complimentary personal training sessions or sports massage during their stay, making your special event even more memorable. Or the bride could just want some last minute adrenaline release and muscle pump before walking down the isle.

Corporate off-site?

Offer some balance to maximise productivity and satisfaction within your company. I can provide bespoke personal training sessions to all company executives. I offer aftercare and prescibe homework programs where required. Morning mobility and team games work well!

Luxury retreat?

Morning mobility? Triathlon training? Group workouts for legs, bums and tums? Fun, team building workouts? Tailored training for small groups or individuals? Swimming sessions? I've got you covered.

Private party?

Nothing get's people in the mood to party like a good sweaty workout and a muscle pump! Nothing fixes a hangover better than a guided mobility and inversion class (and lots of water). Discretion is a virtue. Let's party people!



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