November 21, 2018

The age of remote coaching is upon us. Here’s how it’s done.

When teaching at various certifications over the past 18 months and presenting at summits, one of the subjects that dominates the attention of fitness professionals most is the mechanics of remote coaching. This blog is written for them, but it also offers a useful insight for anyone considering remote coaching. I appreciate that there are many other ways to skin the cat — here’s what works for me.

Two years ago, I was a full-time trainer and therapist in central London, engaging with people face to face (or hands to skin) for more than 30 hours per week. However, I was faced with the same problem that most self-employed, full-time trainers and therapists encounter. As much as I loved en...

October 31, 2018

Accelerate towards your goals using this magical ingredient.

Like any obsessive self-employed kettlebell fanatic, soon after falling head over heels in love with kettlebell training, I made it my business to collect an entire family of pairs. Back then, I was into kettlebell sport so I had competition bells in all the weights from 8kg to 32kg in 4kg increments. A few years later, I converted to Hardstyle and collected pairs of cast-iron bells from 8kg to 40kg and singles up to 68kg. At the time, I thought that pairs were necessary and optimal.

I stumbled on the ever-surprising benefits of training with offset kettlebells by accident. The inconvenience was forced upon me when I turned my London business into an outdoors and at-home service. It simp...

October 9, 2018

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How to Improve Your Mobility­­­

The key to mobility training is bite-sized, frequent daily movement—ideally, on the floor where you learned to move as a baby. The two most effective methods are joint lubing and contract-relax stretching.

Joint Lubing­­­

Joint lubing (short for lubrication) involves repeatedly bringing every joint to its active end range of motion. This not only maintains mobility but restores that which has been lost through a lack of movement.

The most effective way to improve joint mobility and, ultimately, improve your ability to move well is to address working posture. Mobility training is a long, frustrating and sometimes completely fruitless process if you spend more than 12 hours a day sitting in a ch...

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