September 17, 2018

Kettlebells used to be an obscure piece of equipment found in specialty gyms but are now a regular fixture in every fitness facility. They have become the hallmark status of a “true” fitness enthusiast, yet very few people know how to really use them. Let’s talk about why everyone (myself included) became obsessed with the full body movement, how each style is effective in its own right, a bit about their history and what today’s athletes are doing with them. If you already have buckets of experience with a kettlebell check out my friendly challenge at the end of this post!


Your body is basically comprised of chains of soft tissue (fascia, muscles, ligaments and tendons). Proper training with kettlebells st...

April 6, 2016



There are many great swing training programs out there, Mark Reifkind published one this time last year. Mine is no better, it’s just another very effective and simple way of skinning the cat. Just bear in mind that any programme is only as good as its compliance.


To steal Dan John’s wonderful concept: This is a park bench programme, so you just keep going (forever!) enjoying constant gains. It has worked on most people I’ve tried it with.


Here are some success stories…

  • Me (37 y.o. male trainer): 32kg to 48kg in seven months, 1-3 sessions per week

  • 54 y.o. female lawyer: 12kg to 24kg in nine months, 1-2 sessions per week

  • 45 y.o. male businessman: 20kg to 32kg in six months, 1-3 sessions per week

  • 36 y.o. male banker: 28kg to 36...

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